Campus Launch Kit

Resources to increase awareness, adoption and engagement.

Quick Watch

Build a student body of super users with a few short video lessons.


3-Minute Overview

Introduce students to Steppingblocks with this step-by-step feature tour.


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How to Get Started

Give the keys to a library of content curated around interests and goals.


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Search 360: Education

Make sense of education data with a breakdown of majors and degrees.


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Search 360: Salary

Help students set realistic goals with interactive employer and salary data.


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Search 360: Career Paths

Show students how to map real career paths to build a realistic game plan.


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Search 360: Skills

Give students the power to outpace the competition after graduation.


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Self Help

Shareable resources for smarter, faster career planning.

The complete instruction manual for navigating life after graduation, today.


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Find support resources and additional materials to help you launch successfully!


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A quick-read explainer on where to go and what to do after signing in.


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Career advice and industry knowledge from leaders in the field.


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Keep your campus engaged with marketing and branding assets.

Brand Guide

Speak the Steppingblocks language with energetic colors, fonts and graphics.

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PNG Logo Files

Web-friendly versions of our brain and Steppingblocks name logos in white and color.

Adobe Logo Files

Sample Email Templates

Example copy for your campus-wide announcements.  Tailor outreach by solution and audience.

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Adobe InDesign Files

Editable Adobe InDesign files for customizable flyers, social media assets and more.

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Wow Facts

Populate your web pages, emails and promotional material with quick career facts to spark interest.

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Sample Course Assignments

Add steppingblocks to your curriculum or career coaching efforts. Modify these assignments to fit your program.

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Leverage Digital Career Counselor in Advising

Click here to explore our guides to leveraging our tools in advising.

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Incorporate Digital Career Counselor in the Classroom

Click here to leverage our materials when designing career readiness curriculum. 

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Incorporate Steppingblocks into First Year Experience

Share your career readiness resources with first year students.

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Share the Ultimate Faculty Training Playlist

Your faculty and staff are the most trusted student resource. Get buy-in and spread awareness with quick and easy training videos.


A Word From Our Founder

We're here to help.

“We understand your mission has never been more critical. The moment your students walk out of your hallways and into the workforce should be celebrated as a success, but now it's met with uncertainty. We are committed to passing our experience in technology on to you, and will uncover every opportunity to help. Stay well and be in touch."

Steppingblocks Founder Carlo Martinez

Carlo Martinez

Founder & CEO, Steppingblocks

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