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"If your data collection stops at graduation, your goals stop there, too."

Levi Perkins, Steppingblocks CTO

We take data seriously.

As a steward of educational outcomes analytics data, Steppingblocks holds a high standard to collect, verify and secure high-quality, ethically-sourced education and business information. We refresh our data quarterly to maintain the most accurate records for you.

Why we care.

In order to get the full picture of graduation outcomes we collect, organize, classify and analyze demographic, education, employment and institutional data from hundreds of different sources. Our data undergoes a rigorous process of validation for quality and veracity to ensure our clients get reliable, high quality information that allows them to make confident and informed decisions.


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Education Data


Education data from online profiles and resumes, government and educational institution resources, such as the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES/IPEDS), university websites and publicly available resources and institutional partnerships.


We utilize multiple methods (ML, Ai, NLP, etc.) that organize, classify and generate insights from hundreds of millions of raw education records. We standardize output into generally accepted classification categories. And we build custom catalogs for every accredited institution in the US.


Our education profiles contain degrees, levels, graduation years, institution names, CIP categories and subcategories. Additional educational attributes such as highest levels of education, degrees, location mobility and others are derived and available for cross segmentation analysis directly into our platforms and custom analytics.


Employment Data


Employment data from online profiles and resumes, job postings, government sources, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Onet and census data, public filings, company websites, public salary databases and company firmographic databases.


Our engine analyzes career paths longitudinally and gathers data from every single employment milestone including length of employment, job title analytics (normalization and classification) and employer analytics (industry, location, company growth, company type, etc.). Then we utilize all of the gathered/derived information to generate further insights at singular and aggregate levels.


Our employment data and analytics (combined with education data analytics) allow us to generate hundreds of singular and aggregate level insights on graduation outcomes, workforce analytics, compensation analytics, firmographics, industry trends and much more.

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Steppingblocks Ask About Our Demographic Data


Demographic Data


Government sources (census data, NCES graduation surveys, etc.), proprietary assessments, online resources (articles, patent publications, social groups, etc.) and data from online profiles.


Our engine’s ability to analyze billions of data points of unstructured data combines all the data gathered from education, employment and demographic data, to generate the fastest and most unique workforce analytics platform. Our data integration process, models and applications undergo a rigorous process of data validation, deduplication and data veracity tests before publication.


Our employment data and analytics (combined with education data analytics) allow us to generate hundreds of singular and aggregate level insights on graduation outcomes, workforce analytics, compensation, firmographics, industry trends and much more. We generate singular or aggregate statistics by gender, geographical location (map based), veteran status, salary, tenure or any demographic and can cross reference to any education, employment or institutional attribute (or set of attributes).


Institutional Data

We provide analytics for any company, educational institution, industry or geographical location. We combine publicly available firmographics, institutional attributes and industry data points to any segment of the Steppingblocks education, employment or demographic data.

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