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What is Steppingblocks?

Transition confidently from college to career with self-service and skill-building tools for any field of study or major. Tap into a database of 100M+ career paths for relevant and personalized career coaching.

What makes our career exploration tools different?

You'll build a marketable resume employers want based on hiring trends from real people.

You'll get an insider’s look at education and career outcomes for your institution's alumni.

You'll tie potential earnings to student loan debt for a realistic view of your financial future.


Key Features

Fast, friendly dashboards. Let our data do the work.


Drive the future with a data-driven game plan powered by millions of real professionals.



Understand potential with relevant outcomes for your institutional alumni.



Take a trait-based approach to career exploration with 20 easy questions.



Modify coursework based on employer demand and improve educational worth.



Access interest and industry-based content feeds for highly customized career prep.



Calculate payback periods and total college costs by major, state and school.


Are you ready to build a realistic game plan?

Here's how it works. (And how to get started today.)


Steppingblocks Digital Career Counselor Personality Test


Start with a personality test to match interests & traits with real career journeys.

Engage early with an easy 20 question personality assessment to spark interest and exploration with education and career recommendations based on personal traits.

 What are the top majors suggested for introverts?

Which career paths are most popular for extraverts?

In what professional culture will you thrive?  


Analyze career path matches by job title or major from a database of 100M+ professionals.

Interact in real-time with a national database of career paths, and we'll crunch the numbers to unlock earning potential, in-demand skills, required education and top employers.

 What job skills do top companies hire for?

What is the earning potential by title and employer?

What job titles are common by degree or field of study?

Steppingblocks Career Services Role Digital Career Counselor Search
Steppingblocks Digital Career Counselor Graduate Outcomes


Identify hyper-relevant pathways with laser-focused outcomes from your institution's alumni.

Connect college to career with the most powerful exploration tool, your institutional outcomes. Isolate alumni career paths with interactive filters by degree program, employer, industry, skills and more.

Who employs graduates from your university?

What are they skilled in by company and job?

How much do they earn by gender and degree?


Build a realistic game plan to support target education and career goals.

Prepare for a lifetime of career success today with data-driven tools to customize course load, develop marketable skills and adapt to employer demand.

Customize courses with in-demand and high-paying skills.

Navigate and adapt to employer and industry hiring trends.

Close confidence gaps and connect strengths to education.

Steppingblocks Institutional Research Top Job Skills Architecture
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Enrich career exploration with curated content for personal & professional growth.

Stay on top of industry trends with insider knowledge based on interests and goals. Fine-tune experience and outpace the competition without ever leaving the platform.

More ways to use Steppingblocks.


Take a free personality test.

Analyze your personality for relevant education and career recommendations and kick start exploration today.


Join our student-led community.

Meet new people, collaborate with thought-leaders, learn new skills and impact your community on campus and off. Email with the subject line "I want to lead CareerX."

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