Enrich alumni records with accurate employment data

Proprietary linking model for alumni records with privacy-preserving matching

Turn your stale alumni records into full persona profiles.

Our proprietary AlumLink algorithm accurately matches your distinct alumni records and enriches them with a full longitudinal view of your graduates.

Our state-of-the-art alumni record linking process will unlock critical insights about your graduates

Target a specific group of graduates to extend your research on graduation outcomes and effectiveness

Update your alumni database with up-to-date employment information and industry analytics.

Analyze the effectiveness of your internal academic programs with linkage to your unique alumni ID


Current and Longitudinal Alumni Data  

A full view of your alumni powered with modeled attributes based on their entire persona


We capture your alumni's location, age, gender, the highest education level, and military service



Learn which schools, degrees, certifications, and skills your alumni have after graduating from your institution



Get current employers and job titles enriched with classifications that help you analyze post-graduation outcomes



Learn about your alumni's employers with data about their industry, company type, size, and details such as their company's website



Access advanced salary estimations based on your alumni's employment, industry, location, education level, and years of experience



We respect your alumni and their right to privacy. We only capture profiles they've made public and securely transfer your data with encryption


How it Works

And how to get started today


data-enrichement (1)


Download our template.

Export data from your alumni records system and place it into our ready to use template. Our template provides various format options to simplify your formatting process.

First name, middle initial, and last name

Date of birth and gender

Degree information (Graduation year, major, and level) 

Download the template


We audit your submission and set expectations.

We understand data and also understand data is not perfect. Our initial audit provides insight into the quality of your data and our ability to match it. We believe in setting the right expectations and working with you to maximize the number of records available for linkage.

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data-enrichement (2)


Next, we perform the linkage magic.

Alumlink can deal gracefully with misspellings, inaccurate dates, and errors (that are pretty common among alumni records), thanks to advanced natural language processing and our machine learning models that power it. Common issues we deal with involve:

Incomplete records

Name/Last name changes and nicknames

Discrepancies in degree naming conventions


We'll then audit and securely grant you access to your enriched records.

We take pride in our audit process and ensure you get the highest level of quality and accuracy, Alumlink was designed to scale while respecting the sensitivity of your alumni data. All PII data points you share with our team are encrypted and never leave our private cloud enclave.

Download our data dictionary

Steppingblocks Alumlink data- enrichment


Access your data, manage access and start your research.

AlumLink provides the flexibility to manage access for your enriched records. You can manage access for individuals and departments in your organization. 

With Steppingblocks you are in the driver's seat when it comes to access. Securely access and download your data through our secure portal at

AlumLink Use Cases


IRIS, Steppingblocks Partner to Measure Outcomes of $45B in Award Spending.

The project outlined by the partnership between IRIS and Steppingblocks utilizes cutting-edge data analytics to provide outcomes data on employees who leave universities after work on sponsored research.


Build a lifelong community of alumni support with Graduate Explorer.

Identify relevant alumni populations with advanced analytics to create targeted, personalized campaigns.


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