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Prove and improve the value of a degree with education and workforce data for a lifetime of more meaningful careers. Create a confident ecosystem of students, institutions, and employers by making better on-campus decisions for real-world results.

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For Students

Every major has a story. Match degree programs, job titles, and even personality type to over 100 million real career paths. Learn top employers hiring and the in-demand skills they hire for.



For Parents

Analyze outcomes for any institution in the U.S. to find the best fit for any student's interests and goals. Use the Tuition Analyzer to understand the real cost of education by school, state, and job title.



For Institutions

Get immediate access to alumni career outcomes at national and institutional levels. Find campus-wide solutions for Career Services, Institutional Research, Advancement, and more.



Steppingblocks Workforce Education Outcomes Employment Analytics

How does real-world education and workforce data drive success for students and schools?  

01 University programs and curricula align with employer demand.

02 Stronger employer relationships create better post graduation pathways.

03 Skills data translates to more competitive grads with more relevant training.

04 Students are equipped to pivot with changing job market requirements.

05 Enrollment and retention improve with data-driven success stories.

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From College to Career with Georgia State University

Georgia State University

GSU launches campus-wide initiative to empower students with real, relevant data

The university has earned national acclaim for helping students from every background stay on track for graduation, and now, Georgia State is creating even more tools to help students succeed after graduation as they move on to careers and graduate programs. Learn more.

Florida International University

Bold moves at FIU: A decade of data-driven progress puts students in the driver's seat

Florida International University looks back at ten years of growth as their student-centered roadmap reveals positive and meaningful outcomes. Read the full story how technology, big data and predictive analytics have paved clear pathways for FIU graduates.



Your best hire is out there, working for the competition

Find and attract top talent faster, easier and more accurately with dynamic recruiting and hiring tools. In partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF), Steppingblocks has developed a platform for recruiters to rapidly identify the perfect fit for any job, out of millions of candidates.


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Everyone - The most common phrase we hear after someone learns about Steppingblocks

“Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong.”

Suhail Doshi - CEO of Mixpanel

“We’re entering a new world in which data may be more important than software.”

Tim O’Reilly - CEO of O’Reilly Media

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